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Descrizione del prodotto

XTOOL D8S è un sistema diagnostico intelligente automobilistico con display LCD da 8 pollici, progettato per meccanici, elettricisti e officine di manutenzione auto. Supporta la funzione OBDII completa e la diagnostica automobilistica per l'intero sistema, inclusa la lettura delle informazioni sulla versione della ECU, la lettura dei codici di errore, i dati in tempo reale e i fermi immagine.

XTOOL D8S Bi-Directional Diagnostic Scan Tool CAN FD & DoIP


What are the updates of D8S compared to D8 and D7S

[Larger]  4GB+64GB storage capacity  ( large internal storage memory for more vehicle software loaded, diagnostic records, photos, music, games, etc .)
[Faster]  Android 10.0 system and Quad-core processor (1.5Ghz ) with PX30 CPU chip, run 5x faster than D8.
[Wider Coverage] Support CAN-FD and DOIP protocol, cover more 2020/2021/2022/2023 car models like SUVs, minivans, 12v light-duty trucks.
[Longer Battery Capacity]  with 10000mAh Battery
[More Functionally]  Support U disk plugged in to transmit diagnosis data to PC.
[More Powerful Diagnostic]  OE-level full system diagnostic with TOPOLOGY MAMPPING.

Highlight of XTOOL D8S:

  • Advanced ECU Coding: Re-flash the Hidden Functions for personalization, Components Matching after making repairs or replacements, Reinforce Vehicle Performance, etc.
  • Programmable Module Installation(PMI) function: When you replace or initialize a new/used module on Ford/Lincoln/Mazda, XTOOL D8S allows you to copy the data from the original module and install it to the new unit to finish the module replacement.
  • Support CANFD and DOIP Protocol: It is compliant with CANFD (fit for GM models) and DoIP (fit for BMW/Land Rover/Benz/Volvo/GM/VW/Au-di) that automatically identifies vehicle information and accelerate data transmission. 
  • Bi-directional Control: Receive information and send the commands to the system/components to perform active tests like EVAP test, Fuel Pump, Fuel Injector, Cycling A/C Clutch On/Off etc.
  • 38+ Maintenance Functions: Include top popular maintenance functions, like ABS Bleeding, IMMO, Injector Coding, Oil Reset, EPB, Oil Reset, DIY Mode, etc.
  • OE-Level Full System Diagnostics: Complete capabilities for codes, live data, freeze frame, active tests and etc on all available systems.
  • Intelligent Topology Module Mapping: Intuitive display the relationship between vehicle systems to provide a more efficient method for today's complex in-vehicle communications, providing you with a clear view of your vehicle systems/modules and their working status.
  • KEY &IMMO Function: Include Read Pin codes + Add New Keys+ Remote Learning + Key Matching+All key lost etc.
  • AutoVin/Code Scan & Auto Scan: Automatically retrieve the vehicle identification number for comprehensive all available systems scan for quick diagnostics.
  • 8-IN-1 Graphing: Individual Display or Merge, Live Data Export as CSV File, Data View in Graphing and Text: Helps you further check potential problems of the vehicle.
  • 150+ Brand Coverage & Growing: Broad vehicle coverage, work on more than 85 brands, 10000 cars, and it is still growing.
  • Multi-lingual: 16 languages optional, default in English, send us S/N to change to Spanish, French, etc.
  • 3-Year Free Updates ($600 Value) 


Intelligent Topology Mapping To Boost Repair Efficiency By 65%

XTOOL D8S smart diagnostic tool features Module Topology to scan all available car modules and show color coded diagnosis status in tree mapping that reveals the underlying communication structures between modules.

Xtool D8S 1

Get diagnostic results in color coded modules at one glance

Dive into the fault right on the tree mapping
Prevent “false” fixes by considering all inter-connected modules to boost repair efficiency by 65%
NOTE: Module Topology are not available to all vehicle makes for now. Available for GM, CHRYSLER, JEEP, DODGE, FORD, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, BMW, BENZ, HYUNDAI, MAZDA, ect.

Bi-Directional Control & Various Active Tests as You Command

XTOOL D8S  is a bi-directional scan tool, allow you to request information or command a module to perform specific tests and functions, while observing the resulting data to troubleshoot and fast repair.XTOOL D8S is the best bet for a backyard mechanic or diyer, you will find it inconvenient to work with a scanner that is not bi-directional. Bi-directional Control (aka Actuator Tests) function can save the mechanic/workshop loads of time and help them get through more jobs every day.>> Commonly-Used Tests include:

EVAP Vent / Purge Solenoid
Fuel Injector Test
Cycling A/C Clutch Relay
Cycling ABS Motor Pump
Cooling Fan Test
HVAC Actuator Recalibration
Window/Light/Door Lock/Headlamp Test

NOTE: Available active tests varies by vehicle system. Please come to us with vehicle Make/Model/Year/VIN to check compatibility before purchase.


ECU coding capability for VW/AUDI/SKODA ONLY which performs online Coding, Component Matching, Adaptive Data Reset, Flash Hidden Functions, etc to optimize vehicle performance and customize car settings.Flash Hidden Functions(ECU Configuration) for BMW/VW/AUDI/SKODA/TOYOTA/LEXUS/SCION/MAZDA/FORD/LINCOLN, help refresh hidden functions to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements. You can activate the higher-level car functions and disable any annoying features. Customize some extra options such as disabled the seat belt buzzer, wind the windows down with the remote fob.

Xtool D8S 2

38+ Special Functions to Perform Comprehensive Vehicle Service Maintenance [CONTINUOUSLY GROWING WITH UPDATES]

Oil Reset: Reset the new calculation of Engine Oil Life System for an accurate reading of the next oil change.

EPB Reset: Reset the calipers, brake discs or pads after the electronic parking brake system is repaired.

BMS Reset: Reset after replacing the battery to clear the low battery fault information of the original battery and protect the new battery.

DPF Regeneration: Clear PM from the DPF filter through oxidation or combustion to stabilize the filter performance.

Key Programming: Disable a lost vehicle key to protect the vehicle from being stolen and add the new key.

Injector Coding: Code a new injector to better identify injectors to accurately control fuel injection.

ABS Bleeding: Perform to bleed the brake system to restore ABS braking sensitivity and obtain a firm brake pedal .

SAS Adjustment: Clear the fault steering angle sensor memories, perform reset steering angle sensor, and turn off steering wheel warning light.

Throttle Relearn: Reset the throttle actuators to accurately regulate throttle (or idle engine) operations, helps keep your idling and acceleration smooth.

Airbag Repair: After replacing the Airbag, reset the Airbag data and clear the collision data.

Also including TPMS Reset, Air Suspension, Gear Learning(Crankshaft Relearn), Gearbox Match, Headlight Adjustment, Window Initialization, Seat Configurations, Disable Transportation, Tire Upgrade, Electronic Pump Activation, Power Balance, A/F Reset, Start/Stop Reset, Language Change, Reset Control Unit, Rain/Light Sensor, A/C Relearn, HV Battery, VGT Relearn, FRM Reset, SRS, Clutch Adaptation, Speed Limit, etc are all available and continuously growing.

>> D8S also provides quick access to the vehicle systems for various advanced functions for specific vehicle models, such as Transmission Service Fast Relearn, Fuel Injector Balance, Crankshaft Sensors Relearn, Idle Learn, Zero- Point Calibration & Sensitivity Check, Crank Position Reset, HVAC Actuator Calibration Test, WCS Reset, VIN Registration (Write), SWS Initialization, QuickLearn, Injector Fuel Rate Programming, etc are all available.>> NOTE: Service Functions vary by vehicle, does NOT work on all vehicles. Please come to us with the vehicle Make/Model/Year/Vin to check compatibility before purchase.

Xtool D8S 3


 XTOOL D8S can automatically retrieve the vehicle identification number to perform a comprehensive scan of all available systems, such as Engine, Transmission(AT), SRS(Airbag), ABS, TPMS, BODY, A/C and much more. Providing you with a Dealership- Level only diagnosis, getting the accurate and in-depth results across all automotive systems, saving you a trip to the dealership to do a more in depth diagnosis on the car.Read / Clear Codes

  • View the Live Data stream from each sensors and graph it, data record, also includes Transmission Temperature, Misfire, etc common live data.
  • View the Freeze Frame of faults
  • Perform Active Tests to check the work status of modules
  • Read ECU Information
  • 8-in-1 Pids in graphing for more in-depth analysis, Include:Read, graph and combine 8 separate data streams
  • Live Data Record & Playback: Provides options to record and playback the live data stream to help you troubleshoot what’s going on with your vehicle.
  • Live Data Export to CSV File: Allows you can export the live data to csv file to look further into your concerns.⭕ NOTE:Auto VIN/AUTO SCAN does not work on all vehicles, Manual selection/inputting functions, etc are available on the D8S and can help you access the diagnosis menu: 1. Auto Scan 2. Manual Input VIN 3. Diagnosis-Automatic Detection 4. Diagnosis-Manual Selection
  • Live Data Record & Playback & Export to CSV File:Provides options to record and playback the live data stream to help you troubleshoot what’s going on with your vehicle.
  • Report Printing & Sharing: Allows you to print the diagnostic report before and after repair to share with your customers or present to experts for car problem severeness assessment and professional repair advises. (Please reach out to us with Printer model to get a step-by-step instructions to set up printer or em_ail.)
  • File Management: Allows you can get all files of the device including diagnostic logs, data files, and device software management, etc.
  • Diagnostic Report: Saves your data report in PDF for storing recorded historical problems you fixed.
  • Work with 8+12 Cable Adapter (Package NOT Included) : Fit for Chrysler 2018 and later vehicles.W
Xrool D8S 4

XTOOL D8S Intelligent Diagnosis Scan Tool, All in One Solution
✔ Key Programming and IMMO Function: XTOOL D8S  will come with key programming function which can work with option key programming tools like KC501 KC100 KS-1 M821 M822 AnytoyoSK1 (not included in package) and perform:
  1. Add new key
  2. Remote smart key fobs
  3. Key Learning
  4. All key lost
✔ Guided Functions: With VAG Guide Functions, D8S can perform complex functions such as special functions, EC^U coding, etc., to help your diagnostic step by step with instructions on VW, Audi, Skoda, etc.
✔ 8-in-1 PIDs in graphing for more in-depth analysis, Include:
  1. Read, graph and combine 8 separate sensor data streams
  2. Live Data Export to CSV File & Data View: Allows you can export the live data to csv file for storage and comparison over time, or view its graphing change and text readings soon afterwards

✔ Diagnostic Report: XTOOL D8S auto diagnostic scan tool enables diagnostic tech or mechanics to generate diagnostic reports before and after car diagnostics and maintenance services by printing it out or sending it to customers via PDF.

✔ Expand More Functions:
D8S automotive key pro^gramming tool can compatible with more options key coding and digital camera(additional order required), such as✔️ KC100 ✔️ KC501 ✔️KS-1 to expand smart key pro^gramming function; Work with ✔️M821 box for Mercedes lost keys solutions; Work with ✔️XV100 digital inspection camera to in-dept inspection to fuel tank system, engine, invisible angle, etc.

✔Battery Viltage Test

Xtool D8S Parameters:

Operating System:Android 10
Processor:4 Core 1.50GHz
Memory:4G RAM, 64 ROM
Display:8-inch capacitive touch screen with 1024×768P resolution
Communication Method:Wired
Connectivity:WIFI 2.4/5G/DB15 to VAG/USB
Camera:Rear camera, 8.0 Megapixel, AF with Flashlight.
Sensors:Gravity Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor
Auto Input/Output:Microphone, Speaker
Input Voltage:9 to 36V
Operating Temperature:-10 to 40℃
Storage Temperature:-40 to 60℃
Dimension (L×W×H)::274.0×175.0×33.8 mm
Protocol:CANFD, DOIP

Package Includes:

Category No. Name
Accessories 1 Tool kit
  2 Packing List
  3 Carton
  4 Certificate of Quality
  5 Quick Start Guide
Main Units 6 Power adapter
  7 EU power adapter
  8 Tablet
  9 US power adapter
  10 UK power adapter
  11 USB cable
Test Connectors 12 OBDII-16 Adapter
  13 DB15 Main Cable
  14 USB to type C adapter

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