Luglio Speciale UE Spedizione Master 2024 Full Versione FoxFlash Fortissimo ECU TCU Clone e Chiptuning Programmatore Software V1.4.2 Supporta Lingua Italiana con WinOLS 4.7 Free

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3 FoxFlash: FoxFlash Master 2024 Full Versione FoxFlash Fortissimo ECU TCU Clone e Chiptuning Programmatore Software V1.4.2 Supporta Lingua Italiana con WinOLS 4.7 Free
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2024 Nuovo FormulaFlash ECU TCU Programmatore
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1. SO664-B+GL34+GL36-Gifts Free
Spedizione Gratuita Servizio di Trasporto EspressoTempo di Consegna: 8-12 giorni lavorativi.I dettagli »
45cm*16cm*35cm ( Inch: 17.72*6.3*13.78 )
Rimborso entro 30 giorni, il compratore paga il trasporto di ritorno. I dettagli»

Descrizione del prodotto

  1. Protocolli completi aperti
  2. Master versione multi-lingue supporta lingua Italiana
  3. VR leggere il lavoro online (alcune ecu devono utilizzare il nostro sistema VR, lo strumento si connette automaticamente al file di donload del nostro server)
  4. La centralina può essere ripristinata all'originale se la tua centralina è danneggiata o incontra qualche cattiva messa a punto, usa il nostro strumento per ripristinare l'originale.
  5. Aggiornamento gratuito. Nessun abbonamento, nessun canone annuale.
  6. Lo strumento può funzionare online e offline (alcune ecu e funzioni possono essere offline)
  7. EU Spedizione No Tasse No Dogana Problemi

2024 Full Version FoxFlash/FoxflashR ECU Chip Tuning Tool Software V1.4.2 Hardware D086

FoxflashR ECU Chip Tuning Tool
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FoxFlash ECU Tool Introduction:

foxFlash® is a new, unique, and revolutionary tool with a 2-year warranty for automotive professionals, tuners, and engine calibration engineers. However, the foxFlash® is so much more than just an ECU programming tool, it is also a perfect flash tool for reading/writing operations.
foxFlash is a powerful solution developed for professional chiptunes, calibration engineers, and control unit (ECU and TCU) repair shops. foxFlash includes multi-method control unit programming for tuning ability. Designed by tuners, so you can get much of their support.

Why choose AUTOOBD2 to get FoxFlash:

1. We ship from Europe Warehouse without any customs issues and any duties incurred.European countries shipping time is 5-7 days
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ADS-DPF EGR Lambda Remover 05.2017 Full.rar
DTC Remover .rar.
Easykill V2.0.rar
ECU Safe Solutions- 2 versions.rar
Hard Cut.rar
Immo Universal Decoding 3.2.rar
ImmoOff17 V.2.1162.rar

Foxflash Visualizza video clicca qui!

Update Logs for Software and Hardware:

2024-07-05 16:40:10  sofware version 1.4.2    firmware version FW:D086
2024-05-05 12:31:11  sofware version 1.4.t    firmware version FW:D08A
2024-03-02 15:28:16  sofware version 1.4.b    firmware version FW:D08B
2024-02-05 18:26:16  sofware version 1.4.d    firmware version FW:D08D
2024-01-29 20:57:24  sofware version 1.4.1    firmware version FW:D085
2024-01-02 22:38:06  sofware version 1.4.0    firmware version FW:D084
2023-12-26 13:06:16  sofware version 1.3.9    firmware version FW:D083
2023-12-12 17:31:26  sofware version 1.3.8    firmware version FW:D082
2023-12-06 12:31:31  sofware version 1.3.7    firmware version FW:D081
2023-09-25 08:44:55  sofware version 1.3.6    firmware version FW:D080
2023-05-23 22:50:20  sofware version 1.3.5    firmware version FW:D079
2023-03-03 10:51:28  sofware version 1.3.4    firmware version FW:D078
2023-02-25 14:34:25  sofware version 1.3.t     firmware version FW:D077
2023-02-25 14:34:25  sofware version 1.3.3    firmware version FW:D076
2023-01-20 17:11:55  sofware version 1.3.2    firmware version FW:D075
2023-01-03 20:11:17  sofware version 1.3.1    firmware version FW:D074
2022-11-02 22:18:12  sofware version 1.3.0    firmware version FW:D073
2022-10-22 22:18:12  sofware version 1.2.9    firmware version FW:D072

Foxflash New Update:
Manager -VR file- Checksum fix -FW update

December 26, 2023
We hereby declare that we have some Christmas update
We hereby declare that we have some Christmas update:
foxFlash 1.3.9 Update:
OBD VR file update:
MED17.5.25 DCM6.2A DCM6.2V DCM6.2C
PCR2.1 SIMOS18.1 EDC17C74
foxFlash Manager Update:
FW update to D086
Notifications add
Checksum fix:
Marelli 9DF
Marelli MJD602.M1 - 603.S3
Bosch EDC17CP44

Foxflash New Clone Function Available :
November 15, 2023
After several weeks of extensive BETA testing for ecu and tcu, we are excited to announce the addition of a solution for this variant.
foxFlash is now able to perform the following operations:
New Clone Function
On the following ECU reference:
Delco    E38 E67 E84 E92 
BOSCH 6L45 6L50 6L80 6L90
Siemens Continental  SIM2K-305
Delphi DCM7.24
Delco   E38 E92 E83 E80 E39A
Phoenix L40
Update method: Click the download button in foxFlash manager till all file donwload complete

Small Update for Checksum Fix:

September 14, 2023

Update checksum for mcu TC1766 TC1793 TC1797 TC1724F TC1767

foxFlash is now able to perform the following operations:
Software caculate checksum
On the following ECU reference:
Audi Bosch MED17.5 TC1766 
Audi Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766
Audi Bosch MED17.5.20 TC1766 
Audi Temic VL381F TC1766
BMW Bosch EDC17C76 TC1793
Honda Bosch EDC17CP50 TC1797 
Hyundai Bosch ME17.9.21.1 TC1724F 
Jaguar Bosch MED17.9.7 TC1797 
Kia Bosch ME17.9.21.1 TC1724F 
Land Rover Bosch MED17.9.7 TC1797 
Mercedes Bosch EDC17CP01 TC1796 
Mercedes Bosch MED17.7.7 TC1793 
Mercedes Bosch MED17.7.7 TC1797 
Renault Bosch EDC17CP58 TC1767 
Seat Bosch MED17.5 TC1766
Seat Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766 
Seat Bosch MED17.5.20 TC1766
Skoda Bosch MED17.5 TC1766 
Skoda Bosch MED17.5 TC1766
Skoda Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766
Skoda Bosch MED17.5.20 TC1766 
Toyota Bosch EDC17C60 TC1793
Volkswagen (VW) Bosch ME17.5.6 TC1766 
Volkswagen (VW) Bosch MED17.5 TC1766 
Volkswagen (VW) Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766
Volkswagen (VW) Bosch MED17.5.20 TC1766 
Update method: Click the download button in foxFlash manager till all file donwload complete

Quick start basics:

1. ensure good internet 
2. Device connected and powered (should show in windows device manager) 
3. open manager 
5. Open foxflash app. 
Note you may need to disable windows automatic time sync feature.
How to use foxFlash Manager and foxFlash software
How to activate foxflash? Click to view >>
FoxFlash ECU TCU Support List, Click to view >>

foxFlash ECU Tool May 23,2023 New Update!!:

Bench/Boot protocol for Isuzu EDC17C83.

May can't get any better as we release a new exclusive protocol today! In this update, you'll find the BENCH protocol for Isuzu EDC17C83.
Supported Control Units & Vehicles

Bosch EDC17C83 TC1793

Supported Vehicles:
Isuzu Dmax 2017-2022 1.9D 164cv
Isuzu Dmax Rodeo 2017-2022 1.9D 164cv
Isuzu M21 2017-2022 1.9D 123cv

BENCH read is real.
R/W time: ~6 minutes at first programming, then ~ 30s.
ATTENTION: Some of the latest vehicles might have a secure gateway.
Update method: Run the foxFlash Manager software, and click the download button till all is done.
For new update information, please click on the official website of foxfalsh

foxFlash ECU Tool Highlights:

1. Compatible Operating Systems,Foxflash Manager app can be installed up to 6 laptops

Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 10
Windows 11

Recommended Configuration:
CPU > 2.5 GHz (Intel i5, i7)
64 bits
Note: Software can be activated on 6 computers.

2. Supports 5 Modes and Full-System
  • OBD mode: read the data from the Diagnostic port, you need to remove the ECU or TCU from the car or open the ECU box, just read everything from the car, we also support obd reading, and we supply original files from our server, you can read it via obd reading. 
  • BENCH mode: we also call it service mode,  you can use this mode to clone or backup all ECU data, read the internal flash and external flash, and EEPROM data, so you can save a lot of money for cloning ECU and TCU, you also can clone TCU and chip tuning with this mode.
  • Jtag mode: open the ECU, and wire it or use our adapter to connect ECU ways, some of the Denso ECU always need to use this mode for reading and writing.
  • Boot mode: open the ECU and always can back up everything, read the flash and EEPROM, you can save some ECU cause your obd to write failed, or some other reason that causes the ECU dead.
  • BDM mode: some of the ECU need to read and write in BDM mode, open the ECU, and use our adapter to connect it.
  • Full-system: you can read and write by pinout for most of ECU and TCU.

3. Multi-language Supported

Italiano, English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Polish, Portugues, Czech, Romana, Turkish.

4. Support Winols damaos

As we all know, winols damaos and A2L is very expensive, we supply these to our customer for free, so you can get them for chip tuning, DTC off, and so on.
5. Supported Control Units

We believe a control units list can be considered a more safe approach to correctly target the overall tuning procedure due to the fact that a lot of brands offer identical car models & versions that share different Control Unit types.
Please note that foxFlash can help you select the right protocol with its auto-detection feature when identifying most control units.

6. Support Vehicle Types

An additional TCU package is available for Automatic Transmissions.

foxFlash ECU Tool Functions:

ECU clone 
TCU clone
Vmax off
Adblue and SCR off
Flaps OFF
pop bangs 
gearbox data to adjust LC
sport display
immo off
dpf off
dtc off
GPF/OPF Removal
DPF Removal
EGR Removal
DTC Removal
AdBlue Removal
HOT Start Fix
IMMO Removal
Readiness Calibration
Flaps / Swirl Removal
TVA Removal
Sport Displays Calibration
Cold Start Noise Reduction
Kickdown Deactivation
StartStop Disable
MAF Removal
Speed Limiter Removal
Torque Monitoring Disable
Burbles Activation
Popcorn Activation
EVAP Removal
Exhaust Flap Removal
SAP Removal
AGS Removal
Lambda/O2 Removal
Launch Control
OBD Reading Protection
Boost Sensor Calibration
LC, AL, and NLS for MED9.1
Checksum Fix
vmax, swirl off
restoring ECU or TCU factory setting service 
VIN fix (EEPROM support checksum, so you can easily change VIN and then write back )

foxFlash Multiple connection possibilities:

We strongly recommend users use the online mode. The reasons are as follows:
1. We can help you check if your file is correct online.
2. The auto checksum can work online check too.
3.  It is safer.
4. The online mode can check if your modifying is correct. If not, we can help to solve the problem.
5. The online mode can auto-VR read and write from our server, which means you can get the original file, and we can help you recover or save your broken ecu.
BTW, if you want to go out or work outside with our tool, just use your phone to turn on a hotpot, our tool can work with a hotpot. You will NOT need any VPN, for we have a worldwide server. No matter where you are, you can connect with us.
Online work is easier and safer. Please do NOT let your ecu become a brick without using the online mode.

foxFlash Package Includes:

1pc x Master machine 
1pc x Fox bench box
1pc x USB cable 
1pc x Power adapter
1pc x Fox box store over 10 adapters 
1pc x Jtag and bdm cables
1pc x Pen 
1pc x Notebook
1pc x Suitcase
1pc x Function cable for boot, bench, and kline links.
1pc x Truck OBD cable
1pc x Car OBD cable
1pc x Paper box 
1pc x Install guide 
1pc x  Main software
1pc x  Technical Support
1pc x  Login account for software and tools
1pc x  PDF packages for connecting ecu and tcu
1pc x Join Facebook group for support 
1pc x Online chat support for the use
The extra package is according to the user's request after the user gets the tool.

1pc x Tuner account
1pc x Helpdesk
1pc x WinOLS damaos, A2L


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Yanwen Express: 5-10 giorni lavorativi, di solito nessuna tassa per i paesi europei o l'area remota. La tassa era pre-pagata, quando il pacchetto è stato raggiunto, non c'è nessuna tassa per i clienti. Passo di Spedizione:

Qualsiasi domanda, non esitate a contattarci:

Whatsapp: +86 18580434781
Live-Chat: Chatta con noi Online

Servizio Tecnico

1. Vai su scarica l'app foxFlash Manager

2.Installa questo software sul tuo laptop

3. Registra questa app con la tua mail

4.Inserisci il tuo codice che si collega al tuo dispositivo, non diffondere il tuo sn su internet, o altri cercheranno di rubare la password del tuo strumento

5. collega il tuo strumento foxflash al laptop tramite cavo USB, quindi fai clic sul pulsante di download che si trova nell'app foxFlash all'interno

Al termine del scarica, aprire la cartella C:\Program Files (x86)\FoxFlashManager\foxflash\DFB Technology\DFBTech_DRIVER
Installa i driver

6. scollega il tuo strumento foxflash, quindi ricollega l'USB
7. fai clic sul pulsante attivo dell'app foxflash manager fino all'attivazione, quindi esegui foxFlashapp sul desktop, quindi inserisci la password nelle finestre, fai clic su Accedi

8: Chiudi il tuo software: fai clic sul pulsante di chiusura sull'app foxFlash Manager, quindi fai clic sul pulsante di uscita foxflash, chiudi completamente il nostro strumento e software.
9: NOTA: esegui sempre l'app foxflash manager ogni volta che devi utilizzare il nostro strumento.
Eseguilo quindi fai clic sul pulsante attivo, continuerà a consentire allo strumento di accedere al nostro server. Scarica solo bisogno di fare la prima volta che non hai il software.