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Descrizione del prodotto

Fast, simple, profitable, the 8-CCD sensor Wheel Aligner from Launch, wireless data transfer with Bluetooth technology or 433 MHz radio module.

Launch X-631 Wheel Aligner

Launch X-631 Description:

Fast, simple, profitable, the 8-CCD sensor Wheel Aligner from Launch, wireless data transfer with Bluetooth technology or 433 MHz radio module.
Professional, Reliable, Affordable
Professional: 20 degrees CCD Camera
6-meter wheelbase
8 toe sensors
Fast radio data transfer 
Time-saving features:
Standard measurement
Fast test, a short overview of the toe, camber, thrust angle in a second
An additional test, for accident cars
Lower car function, no need for lowering clamps
Customer-defined car database
Reliable: Solid constructions of sensor heads
Water protected
Standard batteries
Standard high-quality Pc
Self-centering clamps, optional adapters for Aluminium rims available
Cable-free measurement removes hassle for broken cables
Affordable: Unbeatable price / performance ratio
Designed for long time use
Language: English

Target customer:
Car manufacturer workshops, Independent Workshop or tire service shop with a high amount of wheel alignments.
Professional, reliable and affordable equipment is needed.
X–631, the wheel alignment system for passenger cars and light trucks up to 6m wheelbase measurement.
Wheel Alignment measurement is done with 8 CCD Cameras, 4 camber inclinometer, 4 KPI inclinometer and fast 433 MHz radio data transfer between sensor heads and cabinet. The 20 degrees CCD camera technology allows precise wireless measurement.
The robust aluminum casting frame guarantees precise measurement for a long time. The batteries are capable for one day working without recharging.
The software, a complete bundle of programme and target data, is easy to use and contain nearly all kind of cars worldwide.
All this together makes this wheel aligner X-631, to one of the best product worldwide.

* Complete test: The X-631 Wheel Aligner can be used to measure the most wheel alignment parameters, such as front wheel toe-in, front wheel camber, caster, Kingpin inclination, rear wheel toe-in, rear wheel camber, thrust angle, wheelbase difference, tread difference, axle offset, front wheel setback, and rear wheel setback, etc.
* Complete databank: wheel alignment data of over 10,000 vehicle models are stored in the system. The user can also add new data to the databank.
* Kingpin and camber adjustment real-time display function.
* HELP information for vehicle adjustment.
* Language operating prompt function.
* Emergency power supply and in-time charging function.
* The probe rods provide LCD display function.
* Electronic level function.
* Black box self-diagnosis function.
* Front and rear probe rods interchangeable.
* Special test for Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles.

Launch X-631 Features:

1. Infrared 8-beam and 16-sensor loop measurement, accurate and stable.
2. Newly developed CCD signal processing technology, nearly uninfluenced by the strong sunlight.
3. Complete system upgrading function.
4. Unique voice prompt function and visualized animation, very easy to understand.
5. Trustworthy operating system to give more convenient and safe operations.
6. Keyboard quick switch operation.
7. Both special version and common version are provided for the user to select.
8. Both the normal version and demonstration version are provided to make user's training more convenient and quick.
9. Large capacity (4000mAh) Lithium battery with low power consumption and dormancy mode of design.
10. Camber, toe-in, battery electricity quantity, charging status and electronic level, etc. can be real-time displayed by LCD.
11. In-block type of casting Aluminum alloy probe rods can strongly guarantee the stability and the test precision of the product.

Launch X-631 Specification

Item Range
Front total toe-in ±40
Front toe-in ±20
Front camber ±8.0
Caster ±20
Kingpin inclination ±20
Rear total toe-in ±40
Rear toe-in ±20
Rear camber ±8.0
Thrust angle ±5.0

X631 Package Including:

a set of two
710*770*1375, 85KG
1230*935*755, 151KG

Launch-X431 Autel Xhorse   CGDIXtool

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